1. Recruit New Party Members: We are a grass-roots, democratic, civil society organisation aiming to bring back into the political sphere all those who no longer see themselves represented by entrenched traditional parties, and to persuade first-time, young voters that we fight for their dreams, their needs, their future. Ensuring that our Party becomes a mass movement with significant membership in all EU countries is one of our most important priorities. Your assistance in persuading your relatives, friends, co-workers, community members to join us in our struggle for a better tomorrow for us all in the United Kingdom, Europe, and across the Trans-Atlantic Community is invaluable and indispensable for our success.
  2. Assist in Organising our Party: We are a flat, network-type organisation aiming to develop members’ hubs in cities across Romania and the EU. Our Party Institute will offer basic civics and citizenship courses to all members as well as more advanced programs in politics, history, and other sciences of governance. At the EU level, we develop common policies and electoral strategies and propose candidates in European Parliament elections. The diverse scope of our operations at the local, national, and supranational levels require strong organizational skills and background in management and operations. We need individuals willing to take on these tasks in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.
  3. Work for our Party during electoral campaigns: Electoral campaigns are won primarily by a party’s ‘ground game’: its ability to get out the vote and ensure that all individuals endorsing its views and projects actually cast a ballot. With historically low participation rates in the 20%s and 30%s, all European Member states present the entirely realistic prospect of electing a significant number of our Party's MEPs at the 2019 EP Elections, if we manage to ensure enthusiastic citizens and in particular young and first-time voter who otherwise may not have voted actually cast their ballots and entrust us to represent them in Strasbourg. We need both individuals who can develop the IT infrastructure of such a ‘ground game’ and volunteers willing to work phone banks, MeetUp places, and door bells to ensure our Party's message is communicated effectively and its supporters exercise their right to vote on EP election day.