CRÆDO Constitution

CRÆDO's Constitution draws upon various traditions of participative decision-making and combines them into a coherent framework best suited to its Membership's activist, democratic, transnational nature.

Each self-organising CRÆDO hub constitutes an Agora.

Agoras working together on specific initiatives and projects constitute Action Groups.

Each Agora has two Quaestors, who manages its administrative affairs.

An Agora's activities are coordinated and led by its three Tribunes.

All Agoras select delegates to CRÆDO's Shura, its principal deliberative and policy-setting body.

The Agoras also select CRÆDO's Senate, entrusted with the management of its affairs and the implementation of its policies.

Finally, all CRÆDO members elect the three members of the Consulate leading the entire organisation.



Coalition for the Re-formation of the Euro-American Democratic Order