“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
 Mahatma Gandhi


Democracy, Prosperity, Diversity for the Twenty-First Century


We, Citizens of Our Common Planet Earth, believe it is our responsibility to take an active part in shaping our own futures and to ensure that the value and dignity of every human being is protected and respected across borders and continents by all individuals, organisations, and institutions of governance.

We will achieve this vision in our lifetime.

WE Have the Power To:

Create Resilient Sustainability: We will create sustainable, resilient communities where peace, prosperity, and participation are the birthright of every citizen by building legitimate, accountable, and effective institutions of governance – in Europe and North America, then across the entire world;

Re-define Active Participation: We will re-define what it means to be a global citizen in the Twenty-First Century by empowering all individuals who wish to do so to take an active part in shaping their own destinies, wherever they may live;

Connect the Knowledge Society: We will connect with other activist organisations, think tanks, academic and professional bodies to encourage the emergence of creative and effective solutions to the challenges of the Knowledge Society we live in today, using all real and virtual tools at our disposal;

Provide Equal Opportunities: We will provide equal opportunities for all those who wish to take part in our activities or develop their own projects, and extend to them the support and assistance they need to succeed;


To Ensure the Emergence of a Democratic Global Civil Society, We Will:

Encourage all citizens to exercise their right to vote in free and fair elections;

Persuade all private and public organisations to be open, fair, and accountable;

Shape all institutions of governance to serve the needs of its present and future citizens;

To Accelerate the Development of a Prosperous World, We Will:

Fight for equality of opportunity for each, and for a less unequal world for all;

Ensure that high-quality, life-long, accessible education and healthcare are human rights for all, not privileges for a few;

Develop communities that define their worth by how they treat their most vulnerable members;

To Foster Respect for our Diverse Identities and Communities, We Will:

Recognise the worth of individuals not by the colour of their skins but by the strength of their characters;

Celebrate human achievement and excellence in all its forms, across all cultural and geographic boundaries;

Reconcile the cultural traditions of all communities with the inherent human rights of each individual.


Coalition for the Re-formation of the Euro-American Democratic Order