1. Be a Party Activist on Social Networks: Social networks play a critical role in disseminating information and knowledge about our organisation, in increasing our membership, and in helping run our activities. We need knowledgeable and dedicated individuals to set up and run our social networks and provide the kind of content that will interest our audience and persuade our readers and listeners to join our Party and become active members of our organisation.This is a particularly challenging task given the fact that we must conduct such conversation in all the languages of the European Union. We require therefore individuals who are fluent in these languages and are able to express themselves well both orally and in writing, in addition to being knowledgeable of the current issues of the day.
  2. Be a Party Spokesperson at Conferences, on TV, during MeetUps: Public meetings and appearances are critical for increasing our visibility and impact in the political area across Europe and in European civil society more generally. We must be able to deploy capable, engaged supporters and spokespersons who can take on these public tasks and be our public voices across various venues, medias, and information markets. We require individuals with background in academia and politics, as well as in media, marketing, and public speaking who are interested and willing to take on these tasks and invest their time and skills to see our Party grow and attain both its short- and long term objectives.
  3. Develop our Party's Political Platform: We develop our common policies for the bottom up, by listening to and involving from the very beginning all our members and supporters in those areas and fields they are most interested and able to make a contribution. Our platform is extremely wide-ranging, spanning local, regional, national, European, and global issues. We require input and fresh, new, creative ideas and proposals in all these fields from as many as many individuals as possible; they must be willing to engage in intense debates with their peers, defend and promote their points of view, but always be ready to recognise and accept a better argument as we attempt to develop a coherent, cohesive, and comprehensive platform of policies across the entire European political spectrum.